- Chaos Witch Quehara - Slain by Ulthred
NAME - Chaos Witch Quehara


SLAIN BY - Ulthred


- Every round as a free action, Quehara will attempt to dominate aggressive enemies and turn them against their allies.

- If possible, Quehara will take a five foot step and then attack an enemy with all her attacks, hoping to heal herself and weaken them. She prefers to focus on a different enemy each turn, but will not sacrifice attacks to achieve this.


Quickly destroying Quehara with attacks from enchanted weapons prevents her from establishing dominance. Summoning Ser Stephen for this fight helps a lot as Quehara can only dominate one enemy a round.

CR14 Chaos Witch Quehara - Large Demon12, 6000 souls

HP104 AC31(T11,FF29) Initiative+6 SpeedF30(6)

4 swords+13(d8+8+drain d4 FortitudeDC21/heal 5), 2 claws+8(d8+4)

SQ Immune to sleep, paralysis, mind effects, fire resistance 20, DR20/+2, fast healing 5, SR24, Domination(Will DC21), Mobility+4

Abilities26,15,14,17,20,21 Saves+6/+8/+13


The soul can be consumed for 4000 souls or can be made into any sword or dagger by a blacksmith for 6000 souls or 2000 souls otherwise. An adventurer can bind the sword to him by offering humanity to it up to five times. Each time grants d6 bonus dark damage, but it is all lost should the character die.

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