NAME - Othr the Storm Giant   CHALLENGE RATING - 15

SLAIN BY - Siegfried


- If the giant ever critical hits, he creates a burst of lightning that hits every enemy within 30 feet (7d6, DC18) other than the target. It also automatically deafens all creatures within 30 feet.

- The giant's legs are the only part that can be hit while the giant is standing, their hit points are 100. When they are reduced to 0, the giant falls to his knees and takes a -4 to attack and armour class while reducing his reach to 10.

- To sneak attack the giant's belly at half damage, one must take an attack of opportunity then make a climb check at DC27. A further climb check must be made each round at DC22, and a move action can be taken at DC27 to deal full damage. A sneak attack on the giant's head has a 25% chance to be blind him.

Othr the Thunder Giant - Gargantuan Giant19 Abilities39,14,23,16,29,15 Saves+17/+8/+13

HP300 Initiative+2 Speed35(7) AC27(T10,FF25) Hammer+26/+21/+16(4d6+21/19-20)

SQ Reach15, cleave, shock immunity, improved perception


8000 souls, Ring of Fire Resistance 10

2 Humanity, Soul of a Storm Giant, d4 giant sacks


This soul can be consumed for 5000 souls, or one can make any two-handed blunt weapon that deals +d6 electricity damage, and creates a burst of lightning on a critical hit that has a hits every enemy within 30 feet (7d6, DC18). It also automatically deafens all creatures within 30 feet. The wielder suffers both penalties. The weapon costs 6000 souls from a blacksmith, or 3000 otherwise.

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