- Siegfried -
NAME - Siegfried

ABILITIES - 14,10,14,8,20(18),11(9)

STATUS - Undead

CLASS LEVEL - Cleric 11

SOULS - 500 (13660 lost in the Haunted Palace)

COVENANT - Fate, Second Devotion (apostate of Gwyn)

HOMELAND - Catarina


MOST POWERFUL KILL - Othr the Storm Giant CR15



Killed by a swinging pendulum blade trap, torn to shreds twice by Grak the Ripper, eaten by the Adhesive Mimic, devoured by Giant Centipedes twice, fell from the Gloom Garden waterfall, savaged by the Rage Drake, gouged by a Giant Scorpion's pincer, head smashed in by a Potbelly Demon's pickaxe while helpless, seduced by the Incarnalus after saving allies from a Flesh Golem, disintegrated by the Great Eye, smashed down by a Chasm Giant twice, chewed up by a wheel skeleton

EQUIPMENT - Full Plate+3, Tower Shield+3, Archtree Bark Pendant +1, Greatsword, Morningstar, Large Shield, Javelin, Helmet of Wisdom+2, Cloak of Charisma+2, 4 humanities, 101 lifegems, rusted coin

HP - 78(+22 constitution,+3 feats)

SPEED - 20(4)


ARMOUR CLASS - 30 (+12 armour, +7 shield, +1 pendant)


FORTITUDE+10 (+2 constitution, +1 fate)

REFLEX+4 (+1 fate)

WILL+13(+5 wisdom, +1 fate)


Morningstar+8/+3(+2 strength, -2 shield)

Greatsword+10/+5 (+2 strength)



Morningstar d8+2 (+2 strength)

Greatsword 2d6/x3 (+3 strength

Javelin d6+2(+2 strength)

SPELLS DC15+level (6/7/5/5/4/3/1+domain spells)

Domains - Strength, Luck

0 - Virtue x3, Resistance x3

1 - Remove Fear, Magic Stone, Sanctuary, Sanctuary, Divine Favour, Bless, Summon Monster 1 (Enlarge Person)

2 - Extended Shield of Faith, Shield Other, Extended Bless, Shatter, Shatter, (Bull's Stength)

3 - Extended Aid, Extended Cat's Grace, Extended Bear's Endurance, Prayer, Prayer, (Protection from Energy)

4 - Imbue with Spell Ability, Greater Magic Weapon, Greater Magic Weapon, Divine Power, (Spell Immunity)

5 - Righteous Might, Spell Resistance, Spell Resistance, (Break Enchantment)

6 - Mass Owls Wisdom, (Mislead)


Perception+19 (14 ranks, +5 wisdom)

Diplomacy +17 (14 ranks, +3 feats)


Turn Undead(3/day), fingers crossed +d6


Turning is considered an attack, and therefore does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Roll a Charisma check. This determines the hit dice of the highest level undead you can turn, via table 8-9 of the Player's handbook. Next roll 2d6+Charisma Bonus+Cleric Level. This determines the total amount of hit dice of undead which can be turned. The order of turning is determined by proximity to the caster, with closer undead being turned first. Turned undead flee for ten rounds.


Taunt Focus, Armour Optimisation, Greatsword Proficiency, Tower Shield Proficiency, Toughness, Extend Spell

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