The proud and virtuous knights of Kavosh fought for years to hold the hordes of squirming fiends at bay. The Princes recognized the strength of such fervour, and rewarded it with the gift of the transforming flames.

CR7 Arrow Demon - Medium Demon10(chaotic, evil) HP135 Initiative+4 Speed40(8) AC19(T14,FF15) Arrows+15/+15/+10/+10(2d6+6) or 4 claws+15(d6+5) SQ DR5/good, acid immunity, SR17, fire immunity, electricity resistance 10, precision, perception+16, sense motive+16 Abilities21,19,29,14,16,12 Saves+16+11+10 Slain by Kain Rewards - 2400 souls, Two Demon Bows, rusted coin

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