- Yanna the Hag -
"Oooh, my pretties. Let me stroke your faces."

Yanna is first encountered being tormented by potbelly demons in Amnizu's Infested Mine. Once she is rescued she makes her way to the bonfire and waits there. She sells lifegems for 50 souls each and purging stones for 2000 souls each (though she only has three at any one time).

CR6 Yanna - Large Monstrous Humanoid7 HP45 Initiative+1 Speed40(8) AC20(T10,FF19) 2 claws+13(d6+7) and bite+8(d6+3) SQ Reach 10, rend2d6+10, DR2/slashing, Darkvision, SR19 Abilities25,12,14,13,13,10 Saves+6+6+6 Souls - 2400, three purging stones

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